Well, well. Look at what I just found at the …

Well, well. Look at what I just found at the mall. 😌


When the time came for Ashley to perform her s…

When the time came for Ashley to perform her special project to earn her “A” from Mr. Crude, she confessed that she hadn’t prepared for it and asked him to get her warmed up before he started fucking her in the ass.

She thought he’d start with only one finger, but instead he started with two and used only the wetness of her pussy as a lubricant. It was obvious that his two fingers made her uncomfortable, but since she hadn’t done anything to get ready for her “easy A,” he showed no mercy.

Ashley wisely said nothing, but couldn’t help but moan as he pushed his fingers into her.

“Quit your moaning! You’re lucky I didn’t just shove my cock into you and start fucking!”

She bit her lip as he added another finger and pushed in deeper.

“Yeah, you act like this bothers you, but I see your pussy getting wetter!”

It hurt, but she could feel her pussy tingle and start to drip.”

“Okay, Ashley… that pussy is telling me you want my cock in your ass, so that’s what’s what I’ll do. Time for you to start earning your grade.”

Mr. Crude got behind her, pushed his cock into her pussy to get it slick, and then moved up to her asshole and pushed it in… slowly but steadily.

About half way in, Ashley started demanding him to shove it in and fuck her hard. He did, and she almost passed out, but remained alert enough to curse loudly and keep telling him to fuck her harder.

They were both a sweaty mess by the time he finally shot his load into her. There was a huge wet spot below her pussy even before he backed out of her. When he did withdraw his cock, her asshole remained open – a huge, gaping hole.

“Time to turn around and suck my cock clean, but move carefully or you’re likely to spill all of my cum out and onto the bed.”

“Mr. Crude… could you just move around to my face so I don’t make a mess? And after I finish cleaning your cock, would you go into the bathroom and get a cup for me to empty your cum into?”

“If you promise to drink it all down while I watch, then yes, I’ll do that.”

“I promise.”


Jennifer felt pretty good after earning her “C…

Jennifer felt pretty good after earning her “C” from Mr. Crude. Besides getting her pussy stretched and pounded, and sucking his cock clean, she enjoyed feeling his cum oozing out and running over her asshole.

As she watched him starting to get dressed, she calmly told him, “If you’d like to come back over here and make me extra messy, it would be fine with me.”

He stopped what he was doing and said, “Extra messy? What do you mean?”

Jennifer grinned and replied, “You could fuck me again or finger me, and then wipe your cum all over my face… or anywhere you want. To be honest, with this cum trickling over my asshole, you could finger my ass and I think I’d enjoy it. Pin me down and you can probably force me to earn my ‘A.’”

“All of that is tempting. Very tempting.”

“Shall I roll over?”

“Nah. Not yet. I want to see how many fingers I can get in you first.”

“Oh, fuck…”


Having earned her “A” earlier in the term, Els…

Having earned her “A” earlier in the term, Elsa got Mr. Crude to let her fuck him.

“It’s the least I can do to show my appreciation for letting me earn my ‘A’ in your class. Ideally, you’d let me show my appreciation on a frequent basis.”

“If this is the way you’d like to show me, I think we can work out a schedule.”

“Definitely! I just love the way your cock feels inside me when I hump you like this! I want to try taking you deeper, but I’m afraid it’ll hurt.”

“It might, or it might not. It will be noticeable, though. Just go slowly when you do it the first time.”

“Not today, though. Next time, maybe.”

Elsa Jean – I Know That Girl – Mofos


Mr. Crude hadn’t expected anyone to come to hi…

Mr. Crude hadn’t expected anyone to come to his house, so he was surprised when Shae rang his doorbell and asked if she could perform her special project for a “B” right then.

“I’m sorry for showing up unexpectedly, but I’ve been thinking about sucking your cock so much, I just decided to see if you’d let me do it tonight.”

“You’ve been thinking about sucking my cock and just decided to show up?”

“I’m sorry if it’s an imposition.”

“Well… it kind of is a little bit, but if you’ll kneel at my feet right here and give me a really good blow job, I’ll give you a ‘B’ and not be too upset with you.”

Shae pulled down her top and said, “If it’ll help you not be mad, I’ll suck your cock now and again whenever you want.”

“If you give me a really good blow job, something that will make me want to let you do it again, I will, and I won’t be mad at you.”

Shae got onto her knees, and as she tilted her head back said, “I can control my gag reflex, so you can shove your cock down my throat if you want.’

“Yeah, I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about my being mad at you.”


Lola was surprised by how rough Mr. Crude was …

Lola was surprised by how rough Mr. Crude was during her special project to earn an “A” in his class. She assumed it was because she hadn’t attended many classes and had failed every test. What surprised her the most was how much she liked it.

After he filled her ass with cum, pulled out and forced her face down onto his cock to make her suck him clean, she looked at him with a big smile on her face.

“Damn, Mr. Crude! That was fucking amazing! I may have to signup for another one of your classes!”

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“If you ask me nicely, I might do it again without you having to take one of my classes again.”

Lola grinned and replied, “Oh, Mr. Crude, would you please fuck me in my ass again? Pretty please?”

He laughed and responded, “Sure. You want to stay here a while and do it a little later? Or do you want to arrange to do it on another day?”

“Yes, to both. And just so you know, you can do it as often as you want.”


What began as a show for Mr. Crude soon escala…

What began as a show for Mr. Crude soon escalated to a purely pleasurable time for both girls.










Out of their punishment cages Jodi, Amanda, and Rachel are now demonstrating that they can obey orders.  If they can do this for the next 3 days without any more problems they will be allowed back into their dormitory.  But, until then they will spend their free time caged.