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Mistress likes a hands-free approach to milking her slave, so when he is eligible for his release, she likes him to hump her like a dog and come on her feet, then lick up his mess. Mixing the reward pleasure with pain of humiliation and degradation is a satisfying experience for her, 

One day, while massaging Goddess’s smooth legs on the couch, I couldn’t resist slowly rubbing my cock against her bare feet. She didn’t say anything or move them away. The higher I started rubbing her thighs, less control I had over myself. When I was to her hips she finally laughed and asked if I was really fucking her feet. I blushed and slowed down to stop but she quickly told me she didn’t tell me to. Instead she ordered me to keep going. Telling me how humiliating and desperate I was being. There was no way to deny of it and my fingers gripped her ass and hips as I trust faster. I begged to cum but she made me wait longer. Finally she let me all over her foot and leg. After which she made sure I cleaned up with my tongue before sending me to make her a bath.

Since then I think I have been allowed to cum on her feet more times than inside her.