As Mr. Crude helped Brandi ease down onto his …

As Mr. Crude helped Brandi ease down onto his cock, she said, “You’re a good man, Mr. Crude, and a good neighbor, too.”

“Thanks, Brandi. Glad you think so!”

“I mean, you take time out of your hectic schedule to fuck this old lady cunt and never complain.”

“Why would I complain? And what do you mean by ‘old lady cunt?’”

“I know I don’t have the tight body of your students, and let’s face it, I’ve probably been fucked more times than all of your students combined, not to mention these big flaps.”

“That may be true, but you can’t beat experience! The way your pussy squeezes my cock is almost magical. And as for those big flaps as you call ‘em, besides feeling good sliding up and down my cock, they’re fun to play with and much more interesting to look at than a plain slit.”

“You always say the sweetest things! I think you deserve something special.”

“Well, don’t tell me what it is. Just surprise me.”