Mr. Crude was surprised when he received a tex…

Mr. Crude was surprised when he received a text from his pregnant neighbor inviting him to come over. His initial reaction was that she was ready to have her baby and wanted a ride to the hospital, but there was no sense of urgency in the text. Just to be sure, he texted her back and asked if she was in a hurry to see him.

The message he received indicated she’d like to see him sooner rather than later, but there was no rush.

When he arrived at her house, she greeted him at the door wearing only slippers. Her very pregnant belly, along with everything else was in plain view. Smiling, she said, “I sure hope you’re in the mood to have sex with a horny pregnant woman! Hubby hasn’t touched me in weeks and I need a dicking so bad!”

“Are you sure it’s safe at this point?”

“You think you’re going to dent the baby’s head? Don’t worry about it! Go sit over there and get ready to have me mount your dick!”

As soon as he was undressed and seated, she turned her back to him, straddled his hips and lowered herself onto him. As she eased her pussy lower onto his cock, she moaned and said, “Oh, fuck, yes! I remember that cock, baby! Hang on – I’m about to kick it into high gear!”