Liz was eager to try for her “A” in Mr. Crude’…

Liz was eager to try for her “A” in Mr. Crude’s class, and although his cock was a tight fit in her ass, she enjoyed the experience. After he shot his cum into her and she sucked his cock clean, she told him she felt like a porn star.

“Ya know, I think I could do this for a living! At least it’d be something I enjoy. What do you think? Think I could make money getting fucked and sucking cocks?”

“There’s an awful lot of competition out there, and some unscrupulous people, but yeah, I think it’s possible.”

“Do you think I need bigger boobs?”

“No. There are quite a few actresses with smaller tits, even A-cups, and they’re very popular. Why spend the money?”

“Thank you, Mr. Crude. You’re so sweet to me.”