ok2beme: There now, My pet. Doesn’t it feel so…


There now, My pet. Doesn’t it feel so much better with all those manacles, chains and that dreaded leather hood removed?  That leather hood has lost that delicious aroma it once had. I must have “Eunuch” over there get Me a new one for My privileged slaves – perhaps you. I truly like this body of yours. It’s been so long since I have been in bed with such a novice, like yourself. R E L A X !! you are here to emasculate My pathetic husband. My leather gloves are new. Does the smell turn you on, young man? Hmmmm? Have you ever worn women’s stockings before? Never lie to Me! This you must promise. That you will always say the truth to Me. Does having the “piglet hubby” in the closet upset you? I have him in very stringent inescapable bondage. Look at the twirp for a moment. The thick “posture” collar kind of makes his eyes look like they’re bulging out of their sockets and can you see all the SPIT running down his bony chest? Ohhhhh I love it and I also love the way your cock is starting to grow in eunuch’s 3 ring cock ring. What the fuck, he can’t use it anymore. He’s useless.