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Being fucked by Mr. Crude was one of Jia’s big…

Being fucked by Mr. Crude was one of Jia’s biggest fantasies. Being guaranteed a “C” for living out her fantasy was almost too good to be true.

When the time came to perform her special project with him she asked, “Are you going to be slow and gentle, or fast and rough?”

“Do you have a preference?”

“I think you should make me realize that I’m getting an easy grade. Um, you know, so treat me like I don’t deserve any consideration. Just fuck me hard.”

“I see. Well, I can certainly do that, but I don’t want you whining about not being able to walk or sit down afterwards.”

Jia couldn’t keep from grinning. She also couldn’t prevent her pussy from dripping. “Promise to leave me sore like that?” she asked.

“I’ll do my best.”

Marcy needed to go slowly, but she already kne…

Marcy needed to go slowly, but she already knew that earning her “A” from Mr. Crude was going to be most enjoyable.

Just as Alex started her special project to ea…

Just as Alex started her special project to earn her “B” from Mr. Crude, she got sidetracked and began sucking his balls. It was something she’d thought about doing, and now that she had the opportunity, took full advantage of it. Not only did he not mind it, she was doing such a good job that he enjoyed it and hoped she’d continue for a while.

When he thought she was about to stop, he said, “That really feels good, Alex. I mean really, really good.”

His words had the intended effect and she kept sucking, swirling her tongue around each one. At one point she accidentally let some of her saliva run over his balls. She quickly moved her tongue lower to catch it and then moved her head just between his thighs. She kept licking, inching closer to his ass crack. When he spread his feet farther apart, Alex took the hint and started tonguing the rim of hiss asshole.

After a while he said, “I don’t generally do this, but if you’d rather continue doing that rather than suck my cock, I’ll still give you a ‘B.’”

Alex stopped just long enough to say, “I’d like to do both, if I may. You tell me when to start on your cock, and after you’ve cum, I’ll return to this… if that’s alright.”

“‘Alright’ doesn’t begin to describe it. You’re most welcome to do it as long as you want.”

“mmmmm… it’s so good to find a man who enjoys being completely tended to orally.”

“And what would you like in return, Alex?”

“Let me take care of you like this often.”

“No, seriously!”

“Just that. Let me taste you every day… balls, cock, ass… just a taste, although I’d much rather have all of them.”

“You drive a hard bargain, Alex. Actually, I’m the one who will be hard. Yes, of course you may have at least a taste every day.”

“May I suck your cock now, Mr. Crude?”

“Yes, you may.”

Eager to improve her grade in Mr. Crude’s clas…

Eager to improve her grade in Mr. Crude’s class, she willingly agreed to perform one of his special projects.

Kimberly invited Mr. Crude to spend the aftern…

Kimberly invited Mr. Crude to spend the afternoon with her at her parents’ house. She assured him they’d have the place to themselves.

“It may be the last warm weekend we have, and I want to do some things with you outside. I also want to show you something!”

“I remember the last time we got together to spend some time outside. It was very enjoyable, so if it includes those things, I’m sure we’ll have a great time.”

When he arrived at her parents’ house, she led him to the deck in the back, slipped off her shorts and T-shirt, and then suggested he take a seat so she could show him something new. After he sat down, Kimberly kneeled on some cushions, rested her weight on one elbow, reached back with her other hand and slowly inserted her hand inside her ass.

“My goodness, Kimberly! That went in easily!” he told her.

Smiling at him, she said, “After I earned my ‘A’ from you, I became obsessed with being able to put bigger things up my ass, and, well, one thing led to another until I found myself fisting myself almost every day. Now that I can do it so easily, I was hoping you’d want to do me.”

“You want me to fist your ass?”

Still smiling she replied, “Just one to start with, and deep, too. Like elbow deep. And then, if you’re willing, start working on using both of your hands.”

“You’re sure about this?“

“Oh, definitely! I have plans to setup a web site to show off my anal abilities. I realize you couldn’t show your face, but I’d love it if you’d be my co-star on the site. Think about it. Before I do that, I want to be able to take both of your fists in my ass. Oh, and I’d also like you to fuck my face and give me facials and other porn-type stuff.”

“Well, Kimberly… that’s something to think about.”

“Sooo… wanna get started fisting my ass?”

Because Angela had already earned her “A” from…

Because Angela had already earned her “A” from Mr. Crude, she asked if he’d give her a facial.

“You want me to cum only on your face?”

“Well, there, in my mouth, in my hair, on my tits… wherever it happens to land would be fine. There’s just something about the thought of getting covered in your cum that gets me hot!”

“So, if I also wanted to shoot some on your pussy or ass, you’d be okay with that?”

“Okay, this is going to sound slutty, and I guess it is, but the thought of you using me for your pleasure regardless of what that might be, really, really gets me going!”

Mr. Crude smiled and then said, “In that case, I’m fine with really, really getting you going.”



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