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Ginger was impressed by the size of Mr. Crude’…

Ginger was impressed by the size of Mr. Crude’s cock. It was bigger than any she’d ever had, and because she wanted to earn her “A” from him, she had to endure the stretching of her asshole. Once she was able to get his cock inside her, she took over and humped like a porn star.

“Holy fuck, Mr. Crude! You’ve stretched my asshole to the max!”

“You want to stop?”

“Oh, hell no! I like the way it feels. Besides, I need an ‘A’ in your class.”

Probably because she was so tight, it didn’t take as long for him to cum as usual. When she pulled off his cock, her asshole was gaping and his cum flowed out and onto the carpet. When Ginger turned around to suck his cock clean, she saw the creamy puddle, lowered her head and slurped up most of it.

“Damn! That was a lot!” she said as she licked her lips.

“It was the usual amount, I think.”

“Really? You’re going to have to let me suck your cock sometime. I’d love to have all that shoot down my throat.”

“Go ahead with the cleanup now so you’ll have your ‘A,’ and then we can talk about letting you have some more.”

As she got ready to suck his cock, she first kissed the head and then tried to push the tip of her tongue into its slit. She looked up at him and said, “Everything below my waist is tingling now. Tomorrow, it’s probably going to hurt, but it will be a good hurt. Thank you.”

Amanda had never experienced anal sex until th…

Amanda had never experienced anal sex until the day she earned her “A” from Mr. Crude. At first, it hurt like hell, but the longer he pumped his cock in and out, the better it felt. Although her asshole was very tender afterwards, she decided she wanted more and asked him if he’d be willing to continue fucking her anally.

“That wasn’t what I expected, Mr. Crude. Well, the very first part was, but after I got used to it, I really enjoyed it. If there’s anything I can do to get you to keep fucking me like that, please let me know.”

Not wanting to pass up a willing young girl, he told her he was sure they could work out an arrangement.

That was several years ago. Even though she graduated a few years back, they still get together for anal sex frequently.



Carol spent way too much time partying and alm…

Carol spent way too much time partying and almost no time even attending any of her classes, and now that the end of the term was getting close, she was worried about her grades. She’d heard rumors that Mr. Crude gave good grades in exchange for sex, so she went to him to discuss her options. After hearing what was required for each letter grade, she asked if there were any alternatives.

“No, sorry. If you’d attended class, turned in your assignments and done some studying, you wouldn’t be in this situation now. Take it or leave it.”

Carol was shocked, but she had to go for an “A” to help improve her overall average.

When the time came to earn her “A,” she basically endured what she had to do, at least until it started feeling good to her. She was amazed that she actually enjoyed anal sex, and sucking his cock afterwards wasn’t bad at all.

When it was all over, she thanked Mr. Crude for helping her out. “You really saved my ass! No pun intended. If you ever need an ass to fuck, please give me a call.”

“So, you liked it, did you?”

Carol smiled and said, “Not at first, but after a while, yeah. I did. I’m not so sure I’d want to do that with just anybody, but at least I wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant.”

Danica waited as long as she could before appr…

Danica waited as long as she could before approaching Mr. Crude about how she could improve her grade. She’d heard rumors that he gave out good grades in exchange for sex, and that’s why she finally decided to see if there was an easier way that studying hard.

When he told her his requirements for earning the various letter grades, her ears perked up when he mentioned anal sex.

“Wait! So, if you fuck me in the ass and then I suck your cock after you cum inside me, you’ll give me an ‘A,’ just like that?”

“Yes. That’s the deal. Are you interested?”

Although Danica had put a lot of large objects up her ass, she’d never actually had anal sex, and this sounded like the perfect opportunity to try it out.

“Oh, definitely! I can hardly wait!”

When the scheduled time for her to perform her special project arrived, she was very eager to get on with it. Even though his cock was bigger than she’d imagined, all of the hairbrush handles, shampoo bottles, and cucumbers she’d shoved up her ass paid off. She thoroughly enjoyed every thrust, and after he shot his load into her and she sucked every last drop of cum out of his cock, she thanked him for a wonderful time.

“I have two questions for you. First, if I get into another one of your classes, can I earn another ‘A’ the same way? And second, do you fuck your students just for fun?”

He smiled and replied, “Yes, and yes.”

Danica grinned and said, “Well, I’m going to register for another one of your classes for the next term! And when you’re ready to fuck me for fun, please let me know!”

“Well, Danica, I’ll look forward to seeing you next term. In the mean time, because it’s so close to the end of this term, I probably won’t have much time for fun. However, once classes are over for the summer, you’re welcome to come to my house and enjoy my pool, among other things. It’s clothing optional, but it’s extremely rare that anybody wears anything for very long. Oh, and I’m almost always the only male there. There will definitely be time for fun.”

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As Mr. Crude pushed his cock into Lizzy’s ass,…

As Mr. Crude pushed his cock into Lizzy’s ass, she gasped. She turned her head to look back at him and he asked if she wanted him to stop.

“No. Just go easy on me while I’m earning my ‘A’ in your class. I’m sure I’ll be okay soon,” she replied. “I practiced with a dildo, but it wasn’t as thick as your cock. I don’t think it was as long, either. Having said that, I want you to go in as deep as you can.”

“You’re sure about all this, Lizzy?”

“Oh, yes! I want my first time to be memorable!”

“This is your first time?”

“And hopefully not my last. I want to be one of your favorite anal sluts. You wouldn’t believe how often I think about you fucking me senseless and having your cum gushing out of my ass. In my fantasies, you always leave my ass gaping with a steady flow of cum rushing out.”

“Always?” he asked as he finally got balls deep inside her ass.

“Oh, god, that’s good… Yes, always! You keep me naked all the time, even after you’ve fucked me, and there’s practically always cum running down my legs… except when it’s dried or I’ve wiped it off with my fingers and licked them clean. It all keeps me horny and you enjoy groping me constantly, which just gets me hornier.”

While Lizzy was telling him about her fantasies, Mr. Crude slowly started pumping in and out of her ass. He moved one hand from her hip down to her pussy and started fingering her extremely wet pussy.

“Oh, fuck, that feels so good! You never did that in any of my fantasies! You’re gonna make me cum, Mr. Crude!”

“It’s okay if you cum, Lizzy. If you’re going to be one of my favorite anal sluts, you should enjoy everything I do to you.”

Moments later, Lizzy’s body began to spasm as her orgasm began. Both her asshole and her pussy contracted and released multiple times. After the spasm ended, he returned to his fucking of her ass and eventually shot his load into her.

Lizzy looked back at him, smiled and then said, “And now I get to suck your cock clean!”

“Yes, Lizzy, you do. and then you’ll have earned your ‘A’ in my class.”

She giggled and said, “Oh! I forgot about the ‘A!’ Yeah, I want that, too.”

When he pulled out his cock, she asked if he left her gaping.

“Well, there’s definitely some cum leaking out and it looks like you’ve been fucked in your ass, but I think we’re going to have to work some on the gaping part.”

“That’s fine with me!” she remarked. “And I want to take pics after each time to show my progress… or just to look at later.”

Liz was eager to try for her “A” in Mr. Crude’…

Liz was eager to try for her “A” in Mr. Crude’s class, and although his cock was a tight fit in her ass, she enjoyed the experience. After he shot his cum into her and she sucked his cock clean, she told him she felt like a porn star.

“Ya know, I think I could do this for a living! At least it’d be something I enjoy. What do you think? Think I could make money getting fucked and sucking cocks?”

“There’s an awful lot of competition out there, and some unscrupulous people, but yeah, I think it’s possible.”

“Do you think I need bigger boobs?”

“No. There are quite a few actresses with smaller tits, even A-cups, and they’re very popular. Why spend the money?”

“Thank you, Mr. Crude. You’re so sweet to me.”

After the initial shock of Mr. Crude’s cock en…

After the initial shock of Mr. Crude’s cock entering her asshole, Janet enjoyed performing her special project to earn her “A” in his class.

After earning her “A” from Mr. Crude, Tina pul…

After earning her “A” from Mr. Crude, Tina pulled out her phone and showed him a video she found that interested her.

“Would you do that to me, Mr. Crude?”

“You want me to pee inside your ass?”

“Yeah… fuck me first, and after you cum, pee inside me. If you can stay in me for the entire thing, that’d be great. If not, pull out like the guy in video, but aim for my clit.”

“I suppose I could give it a try, but not inside my house! We can go outside, or do it at your place.”

Tina smiled and said, “Outside, for sure! I’d love to get fucked outside!”