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For my followers

Here is a little something for my followers.  ☺️

Quick reminder

This is just a quick reminder that my blog is a zone free of any type of shaming.  I want my followers to feel free to share a bit of themselves (whether it be videos, pictures, writings) freely without any type of fear of being judged, criticized or shamed.  And this has been my goal and objective from the beginning.

And as most of you know by, I have zero tolerance for anyone looking to shame others.  Keep any and all negative comments to yourself if you have nothing positive to say about others.

That is all.

Who is a good little girl wanting to be filled…

Who is a good little girl wanting to be filled up?

‘Sexy’ doesn’t have to come …

‘Sexy’ doesn’t have to come with the price tag of being dumb.





Do not forget

Please do not forget to show some love to the pictures my followers have submitted to be posted on my blog.  Like or reblog or visit their blogs if possible and when you can.

Thank you…




I love when my followers submit pictures to me but please, please tell me what you would like me to do with them.  A lot of times I do not post them because I have no idea what I should do and cannot be chasing people down to find out.  And I still do not have the gift of mind reading.  😌🤷‍♂️

Simple rules here for submissions:

1. Tell me what you want me to do.

2. Tell me if you want me to post them anonymously or link it back to your main or side blog.

That is all, folks.

Thank you.  Please carry on.

P. S. I also accept submissions from couples.  I have a posted one or two.  

I appreciate and love your submissions but I need to reblog this because it is happening.  🙂