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What started as a way to get a “C” in Mr. Crud…

What started as a way to get a “C” in Mr. Crude’s class quickly changed into a new found love of fucking. Not wanting for it to end, Lisa tried not to cum after each thrust of his cock into her G-spot. The stimulation proved too much for her and she had three orgasms before he finally flooded her pussy with his own cum.

He could tell that she was wiped out and didn’t press her to suck his cock. Lisa was very conscientious, though, and soon asked him to shove it into her mouth.

Cassie enjoyed watching Mr. Crude’s cock disap…

Cassie enjoyed watching Mr. Crude’s cock disappear into her pussy and then reappear as he fucked her. She liked how he held her waist as if she might try to get away, even though she wouldn’t dare. And the way his cock bashed into her cervix over and over was almost too much of a good thing.

She was always sore for at least a day after he fucked her, but as far as she was concerned, she could never get enough. Thinking about it kept her pussy wet around the clock, and also kept her ready for him to fuck.

Karen was so eager to earn her “C” from Mr. Cr…

Karen was so eager to earn her “C” from Mr. Crude that she didn’t waste any time getting undressed. As soon as he had her panties off, she yanked his trousers and boxers off and then started humping him.

Although it felt wonderful, Alice could hardly…

Although it felt wonderful, Alice could hardly wait for Mr. Crude to feed her his cock. She hoped he’d pull out before he came so she could finish him in her mouth, but even if he didn’t, she’d be happy.

Angela was surprised when Mr. Crude told her s…

Angela was surprised when Mr. Crude told her she could earn her “C” right then in his office. She was also surprised that he wanted her completely naked, but not nearly as surprised when she saw his cock.

“Just lie back on my desk, spread your legs and relax.”

She did her best to relax, but her pussy wasn’t used to having such a big thing inserted. To help her, he rubbed her clit with his thumb as he eased inside her.

Angela gasped when he first touched her clit. Maybe it was because he was her teacher and it was totally unexpected, or maybe because he touched the right spot, but one thing was certain – she instantly got wet and his cock slid into her.

Her head lifted up off his desk. She tried to stay calm and collected, but let out a “Oh fuck! Deeper!”

Holding both her thighs, he pulled himself closer, sinking his cock all the way into her. She gasped again as he bumped into her cervix.

“Fuck me!” she shouted.

“Calm down, Angela. We don’t want to get interrupted.”

She wiggled her index finger at him, signaling him to come closer. He leaned down close to her face and she whispered, “It’s okay, Mr. Crude. Fuck me hard. I like the way your cock feels.”

He took her at her word and fucked her hard and deep, eventually spurting his cum into her.

As he rested, she grinned and told him, “Time for me to get a taste of that wonderful cock now.”

After backing out of her, she got up quickly, jumped off the desk and knelt on the floor in front of him. In another second, his cock was being devoured by her.

“Geez! Go easy on me! My cock is still sensitive.”

She paused her sucking long enough to say, “It’s mine now!” And then she sucked it back into her mouth. To his surprise, she also fondled his balls and lightly rubbed a fingertip over his asshole. He let her continue until she was ready to stop, and then got another surprise. She ducked her head under his balls, stuck out her tongue and started licking back towards his asshole.

“You’re full of surprises, Angela!”

“It’s your fault, Mr. Crude! I never even thought about doing any of this until you started fucking me.” She giggled and then added, “You gave me an inch and then I took it all! Well, as much as you’d give me. Now, I want it all.”

“And just what do you mean by ‘all’?”

“As in, all of your cock in all of my holes, and my mouth and tongue everywhere you’ll let me put them.”

“I see… well, I don’t think we should do all that here in my office, but if you’d like to come home with me, we’ll have complete privacy.”

“Well, what are waiting for?”

Hannah lost her virginity to Mr. Crude when sh…

Hannah lost her virginity to Mr. Crude when she earned her first “C” during her freshman year. She liked it so much that she enrolled in one of his classes every term and always fucked her way to a “C” whether she needed to or not.

“You know, Hannah, it always feels like it’s your first time. How do you do it?”

“Believe it or not, I only have sex with you, Mr. Crude. When I get horny, I either use my fingers or a vibrator on my clit, but I never put anything inside my pussy. That’s just for you.”

He was surprised, to say the least, but also honored. “That’s very sweet of you, Hannah! But, what happens when you graduate?”

“Oh, I already have a job lined up in town, so I’ll be staying here. I hope you’ll want to fuck me even after I’m no longer your student, and I also hope we can do it a lot more often. Maybe even do some other things, too.”

“You can count on it!”

Annie thought she was going to have the house …

Annie thought she was going to have the house to herself when Mr. Crude was there to let her earn her “C” in his class. Unfortunately, her roommate’s plans changed and stayed in. Annie told her roommate that one of her teachers was coming over to help her with a special project, which although true, wasn’t nearly what it sounded like.

Once he was there, they went into the basement, and after a few minutes, went into the bathroom so she could perform her special project without being disturbed.

As Annie slipped out of her clothes, she asked if he wanted her to sit on the counter, or if he’d rather do it from behind.

“I think you should lean on the counter so you can watch in the mirror. Besides, I want to see that cute little ass while I’m fucking you.”

While driving home, Mr. Crude happened to see …

While driving home, Mr. Crude happened to see Naomi standing outside her car on the side of the road. He stopped to see if he could help.

“I just called AAA, but they said it’d be a couple of hours before anybody could get here. If you’d like to see if you can get my car going again, I can always call and cancel if you’re successful. I’d also show you my appreciation, if you know what I mean.”

He parked behind her car, got out, and after popping the hood, recognized the problem immediately. After reconnecting a couple of loose spark plug caps, he asked her to give it a try. Her car started right up.

Naomi was ecstatic, not so much about getting her car going, but because she’d now get to thank Mr. Crude.

“If you’ll get into the back seat, I’ll call AAA and cancel, as well as show you how thankful I am for your help.”

Naomi was very appreciative, both before and after she thanked him.

After taking his load of cum in her mouth and on her face, she licked her lips and said, “I really don’t think that shows my appreciation for what you did, Mr. Crude. How about I thank you again sometime?”

He smiled and replied, “Well, Naomi, just to make sure you get home alright, why don’t I follow you there? You can thank me when you’re home again.”

Naomi smiled and responded, “Sounds great!”

NAOMI Woods – Stranded Teens

Although her legs were starting to tire, she h…

Although her legs were starting to tire, she had to admit that this was the best fucking she’d ever had. The fact that she was also going to earn a “C” in Mr. Crude’s class made it even better.

Jill was scheduled to perform her special proj…

Jill was scheduled to perform her special project with Mr. Crude. As she was about to leave to go to his house, a friend from out of town appeared at her door and wanted to visit.

“I’ll only be in town for the afternoon and tonight, and I really wanted to spend some time with you, Jill.”

Jill wanted to stay and visit, but getting her “C” in Mr. Crude’s class was important to her and she didn’t want to miss this opportunity. She decided to call Mr. Crude and see if it would be okay to bring her friend along.

“Do you think she’ll want to join in?” he asked.

“She’s very oral, so she’ll probably want to suck your cock.”

“Hmmm… tell ya what… as long as she doesn’t get in the way of my fucking you, even if she wants to suck my cock after I’m done fucking you, it’ll be okay. I’ll still give you the ‘C.’ But she has to get naked.”

“I’ll go you one better, Mr. Crude. If she wants to suck you after you cum in me, I’ll re-do the special project another time. How about that?”

“Okay. Bring her with you!”

“Be there in a little bit!”