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Although it wasn’t quite how he imagined it wo…

Although it wasn’t quite how he imagined it would happen, Mr. Crude still enjoyed the threesome.

The day after Deb returned from her family’s s…

The day after Deb returned from her family’s summer cottage, she called Mr. Crude and told him she wanted to show him something. He invited her to come by his house and hang out by the pool.

When she got to his house, she stripped down to her stockings and showed him her tan lines.

“This is the problem with going somewhere with your parents,” she told him. “Just look at these tan lines!”

“Let me put some sunscreen on your tan parts, and then you can lie by the pool for a little while to soak up some sun on your pale parts. After, oh, 15 to 20-minutes, I’ll put some sunscreen on the white parts so you don’t get burned… or you can move to some shade to be extra safe. You’re welcome to come back and repeat this to even out your tan.”

“That would be fantastic, Mr. Crude! May I show you my appreciation by sucking your cock each time I’m here?”

He smiled and replied, “You don’t have to do that, but if you really want to, you’re more than welcome.”

“Would you prefer to fuck me?” she asked as she lay back on the sofa and spread open her legs.

Grinning, he answered, “Let’s not lock-in to just one thing.”

Should I blow you now? Or wait ‘til after I’ve done some sunning?”

“Let’s not waste the sun now. You can blow me later.”

“Okay… don’t forget!”

“Not likely, Deb. Not likely.”

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The cunt has been sold and prepared for cross-Atlantic transport to its new owner in Slovenia.

Why does this turn me on so much?

Packaged for sale



After the End of Year faculty meeting, the hea…

After the End of Year faculty meeting, the head of Human Resources took Mr. Crude aside and informed him he still needed to complete a performance review.

“Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Johnson, but why do I have to complete another performance review after school is out for the summer? Why not just say you’re horny and want to fuck?”

“Oh, well, excuse me!” she replied sarcastically. “I’m horny and want to fuck. There – is that better?”

“Yes, much better! Your place, or mine?”

“Let’s do it at mine. That way, I won’t have to worry about your cum leaking out and getting on the car seat. You’re welcome to stay overnight, if you’d like.”

“Only if you’ll agree to fall asleep with my cock inside you.”

“mmmmm! In my ass, I hope!”

“If that’s what you want.”

“I hope you like getting a blow job first thing in the morning!”

“As great as that sounds…uh, I’ll have to go pee first.”

“No, no you won’t. I want to drink it. I’ve never done it, but it’s something I’ve thought about a lot. You’ve put up with my so-called performance reviews for as long as I can remember, and now it’s time for me to repay you. I want to serve you.”

“You’re sure about that?”

“Definitely! You deserve to be treated well, and I deserve to be used however you’d like.”

“If you’re serious about that, I’ll take you up on it. Let’s give it a try for a long weekend first, and if you’re still game, we can go for a longer period. Okay? Uh, just one thing… I have several students and some neighbors hang out with me at my pool during the summer, and it’s clothing optional. Will you be okay being seen in the nude in front of everybody?”

“If that’s part of serving you, yes.”

“And having sex in front of everybody?”


“And watching me have sex with others?”


“And licking my cum out of others’ pussies?”

“Oh, fuck yes!”

“Well, I think we have a deal. Let’s go to your house and get started.”

Both girls were horny and wanted to enjoy anal…

Both girls were horny and wanted to enjoy anal sex with Mr. Crude. Because he was tired, he suggested they finger themselves and the first to cum would get her wish.

He didn’t know how it was possible, but both came at the same time and both demanded his cock in her ass. After some discussion, he got them to agree to accept 1-minute of ass fucking at a time with him alternating back and forth.







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