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Avery hopped up onto the table, spread open he…

Avery hopped up onto the table, spread open her legs and made it obvious to Mr. Crude she was ready for him to fuck her.

“You’re sure about this, Avery?” he asked.

“Not really. I mean, I’d rather get an ‘A’ in your class, but I don’t think I’m ready for you to fuck me in the butt. I’ve been fucking myself with cucumbers, bottles and stuff, so unless you’re hung like a horse, I’m pretty sure I can earn my ‘C.’ Besides, I want to see your face while you’re doing me.”

As he started undressing, Avery kept her eyes on his crotch in anticipation of what she was about to see. When he stepped out of his boxers, her eyes lit up.

“Oh! A pony, at least! This should be good! Let’s see if that bad boy will fit in my cunny!”

By the time he was close enough to rub the head of his cock between her pussy lips, her nipples were hard and there was a tiny trickle of juice running in between her ass cheeks. He rubbed up and down in between her lips before rubbing up and around her clit several times.

“Put it in me!”

Without any hesitation, she pushed her hips forward which resulted in his cock sliding inside her. She wrapped her legs around his hips, reached up and placed her hands behind his neck and started humping. she leaned close to one of his ears and whispered, “If you were any bigger, this would probably hurt. But it’s just so fucking good!”

After a while, it was getting obvious that she was getting tired. He placed his hands under her thighs, picked her up and carried her to her bed. There, he laid her on her back and then he took over the humping.

“Oh, fuck! You’re in deeper than before! Damn, that’s good!”

Within a few seconds, her body tensed up and she experienced an intense orgasm. He fucked her all the way through it and eventually he shot his load into her. As his cock pulsed and sent the last of his cum into her, he leaned down and told her, “You are one… hot… fuck. Let me know when you want to do this again. Better yet, let me know when you want to try for an ‘A.’”

Quite unexpectedly, Avery lifted her head and kissed him. It wasn’t a quick peck, but a tongue in his mouth, passionate kiss. She sucked his tongue into her mouth while grinding her pussy up against him, causing his cum to gush out. When she stopped, she calmly said, “Guess I’d better clean up that mess I made.”

Mr. Crude backed away a little bit and Avery quickly changed her position so she could lick the cum off his balls and the shaft of his cock, and then sucked him into her mouth. And suck it she did!

“Geez, Avery! You could easily get a ‘B’ the way you’re sucking my cock right now!”

She paused briefly and said, “Maybe, but I want an ‘A,’ ya know.”

“I won’t stop you from trying. I was just making a comment about how skilled you are.”

Avery stopped and looked up. “Maybe we ought to forget about the grades and just enjoy ourselves. Yeah, you’re my teacher and all, but it seems to me that our bodies are a really good fit and maybe we ought to just enjoy seeing all the ways they’ll fit together.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me! What would you like to see fit together next?”

“Well, ideally it would be your cock in my ass, but I’m going to need to work up to that. Maybe you’d like to use some toys back there?”

“Or my fingers, if you’d like.”

“Surprise me!”

Ariel put on a little show for Mr. Crude to ge…

Ariel put on a little show for Mr. Crude to get him warmed up before he fucked her… not that she needed to do that.

Ivy enjoyed preparing for her special project …

Ivy enjoyed preparing for her special project for Mr. Crude’s class. Due to rumors she’d heard, she bought herself a new, thicker dildo to work with and discovered she liked the stretching sensation.

The anticipation of what was about to happen c…

The anticipation of what was about to happen caused her to get very wet. Feeling her wetness dribble down over her asshole was both humiliating and erotic.

After earning her “A” from Mr. Crude, Maria di…

After earning her “A” from Mr. Crude, Maria did her best to get his cum out of her ass. Although he liked the sight of it, he wondered why she was doing it.

“Are you doing that for a specific reason?” he asked her.

“Waste not, want not. I’m going to lick it up once I have it out.”

“It’s a little late now, but you could’ve placed a plate or bowl on the floor to catch it.”

“I don’t mind licking the floor. I mean, it’s only fitting that I do that, don’t you think? Besides, you can spank my ass while I’m on my knees. Or, if you feel like it, you can abuse my ass hole some more.”

“I like the way you think, Maria.”

“So, uhhh… you think you might want to abuse my ass hole again sometime?”

“Yes, I think I would.”

Fully inflated.

Fully inflated.

Lena was in a playful mood when she arrived at…

Lena was in a playful mood when she arrived at Mr. Crude’s house to let her perform her special project to improve her grade. Even before she got started, her nipples and ass were bright red and sore, but she didn’t mind it in the least. In fact, she forgot which grade she intended to work for and just told him to do whatever he wanted.

“It would be a shame to waste the stinging of your ass cheeks. Want to go for an ‘A’?”

She grinned and leaned over the back of the sofa. “Like I said, just do whatever you want!”

She earned her “A.”

Ariel fantasized about Mr. Crude fucking her a…

Ariel fantasized about Mr. Crude fucking her as she pumped the vibrating dildo in and out of her pussy. Even though it wasn’t nearly as big as his cock, it felt pretty good and left her a creamy mess.